Healthy Kids Advisors Initiative

Healthy Kids Advisors Initiative

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is delighted to be leading the Healthy Kids Advisors initiative on behalf of the Victorian Government.

The Foundation has over 20 years of experience delivering the Kitchen Garden Program and co-creating food education experiences that foster long-term engagement and sustainable change in school settings. We are excited to see a similar approach used outside of the school gate to benefit the whole community.

Priority communities
Healthy Kids Advisors lean on the Foundation’s pleasurable food education philosophy to support each community’s unique healthy eating goals and encourage participation in the state-wide Vic Kids Eat Well movement.

Our dedicated workforce of local Healthy Kids Advisors are active in 13 Victorian communities: 

Our Advisors

Each Advisor is based locally and understands their community. They bring people together to boost healthy, fresh and delicious food and drink options in the places where families gather:

  • schools
  • outside school hours care
  • sports clubs, and
  • community or council operated facilities.

Healthy Kids Advisors connect these schools and organisations to existing community resources, local opportunities and offer free, tailored guidance on reaching their unique healthy food and drink goals. 

Along the way, they guide these organisations through the Vic Kids Eat Well movement, providing hands-on support to take simple, achievable steps and healthy swaps that make a big impact. Vic Kids Eat Well is supported by the Victorian Government and delivered by Cancer Council Victoria’s Achievement Program, and Nutrition Australia’s Healthy Eating Advisory Service.

After three incredibly impactful years, the Healthy Kids Advisors initiative is wrapping up in 2024 

Since June 2021, the initiative has helped young Victorians access and enjoy the nourishing foods and drinks they deserve in the places they learn and play, engaging over 62,000 young people in over 450 youth settings. 

The Healthy Kids Advisors initiative is funded until June 2024. As the program reaches its conclusion, our Advisors are hard at work passing on their valuable skills and knowledge to local community leaders, who have always actively supported the wellbeing of their young people and who will continue to carry the torch of this important movement forward.  

As we reflect on the last three years, we’re pausing to raise a glass (of water!) to celebrate the collective effort and impact Healthy Kids Advisors has made with local communities. Read more here.

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