Avenel Preschool

PH: 03 5796 2559

Avenel Kindergarten is a place where children, families, educators and the wider community work together to create a safe, stimulating, sustainable and nurturing learning environment that responds to the needs of all and recognises individuals as life-long learners. We take a holistic view of all children’s learning and growth, viewing children as unique and capable learners who learn best through a play-based program. Children are supported, encouraged and guided to become confident, resilient, curious and kind individuals who are able to make effective choices. We provide an indoor – outdoor program that allows for extended periods of uninterrupted play and acknowledge the integral role of the natural environment. Natural materials and children’s interests drive learning and discovery; through play and the provision of open ended experiences, children are encouraged to explore, create and invent.

Want to get involved?
This school currently has the following opportunities available:

Kitchen Garden volunteering

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