Augusta Park Primary School

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Augusta Park Primary School is committed to developing strong working relationships with the community in order to support the engagement of all students in learning. Staff work together to provide relevant curriculum, with a strong emphasis on achievement in literacy, numeracy, information technology (IT) and science. The school bases its approach to teaching and learning on the 'Circle of Courage'. This framework is based on the needs of children to belong to a community of learners, to master the skills essential for individual and collective success, to develop independence and responsibility, and to exercise generosity towards others. The Aboriginal education team works closely with the school counsellor and other community service providers to assist staff in supporting student well-being. The school has developed a student database and a targeted intervention program that assist in accelerating the literacy skills of students identified as achieving below the national benchmark. All students engage in specialist teaching programs in PE and IT, as well as cultural studies, where the emphasis is on local Aboriginal cultures and languages, and dance.

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