Our Lady of the Southern Cross Primary School


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Our vision for the Our Lady of the Southern Cross is to be a place of innovation and learning that takes students into the 21st Century and beyond. A place that provides an educational experience that builds a foundation of faith, that develops students' skills for current and future learning and that extends their learning beyond the school precinct and engages them in interaction with the wider community - local, national and global. The design of the learning space reflects 21st century learning pedagogy. The embedded technology within the learning space - smart boards, direct connection and wireless computers with multi-media capacity - fosters the use of computers across the curriculum and builds the independent and interdependent learning strategies of the students as they engage with the software and involve themselves in networking with other schools and online experts. Our personalised learning focus caters for the individual learning needs of each student and develops students' ability to map their own learning journey through the setting of individual goals and the timetabling of learning events, the embedding of assessment processes and cyclic reflection, evaluation and planning. The students work with a group of teachers who are team teaching within the open space. Teachers interact with and engage the students as whole groups, small groups and on an individual basis as the learning requires. 

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